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Rewarding Resumes

Wanting to land that perfect job but can't quite get your resume to work for you? We have the answer!

Resume writing can seem really daunting to start with, especially if you have never needed to do one or never been given any advice. A resume should highlight everything important about you and the skills that you posses. We host a rewarding resume workshop with the City of Armadale that explains everything from job searching to writing the resume and then to understanding the interview process. Not into workshops? We can also do one-on-one resume building!

What are some of the biggest key points when starting your resume you might ask? Well here is a few of our must do's:

Show the recruiter how you meet their criteria

A good resume will be tailored to the job being advertised and specifically address the selection criteria. Recruiters want to know that you fit and they want to know how.

Keep it relevant!

Include relevant information and qualifications only, recruiters are often wanting to skim over and have all of the information right there in front of them. If its too long and wordy, they might not read any further!

Know where to look for jobs

Knowing where to look for jobs and what categories you can apply for will get you well on the way to landing a job.

Understand Key Words

Be able to search through a job ad and identify the key words, we like to do this with a highlighter and then include those key words in the resume. This is an important aspect of resume writing because many companies will scan your resume and if you don't have those key words your resume may be rejected and not considered... we don't want that!

We start our resumes with a simple and clear format, we get you to fill in the blanks and go from there. It's a stress-free process that can actually be really fun and rewarding once you have that direction and understanding.

Along with these resume tips and workshops we can also provide information on the interview process and commonly asked questions. We are passionate about helping people get Skilled for Life!

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