Organisational Workshops

Skilled 4 Life has a range of Organisational Workshops available for large groups, staff members or personal consultations within the home.

​Skilled 4 Life is all about teaching you the life skills you need to get organised and having a better idea of what you have and where it all is.


This is all designed to help you in case of an emergency where you need to access your files and your personal belongings immediately. An emergency can be a fire or flood but also the death of a partner, parent or child, a separation or a critical injury.

Just think along the lines of “if something happened to you today would someone know where all of your paperwork and personal details are?”

Our specially designed workbook allows you to start getting your personal and financial lives in order. We guide you through the workbook which prompts you to list details such as:

  • Wills and POA’s and personal details – do you have everything you need and is it current?

  • General Insurances, Life Insurances and Superannuation details – details, cover and beneficiaries

  • Banking and Direct Debits – keeping track and sorting

  • Recording of Drivers licences, passports, birth certificates, Medicare and other relevant documentation

We also have sourced some great files to keep all of your personal documents in one place.


We work through and help you list everything you have in our Asset and Liability worksheets and we have a range of lists such as To Do Lists, Shopping Lists, and Budget sheets.

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