Skilled 4 Life

At Skilled 4 Life, our vision is to create a better everyday life for people. Our business supports this vision by offering a wide range of affordable training modules and workshops. These modules promote organisational skills and an expanded knowledge base that allow our clients to achieve to the best of their potential.

Skilled 4 Life was founded on a passionate commitment to provide young people and adults with the practical life skills they need in today's world.

As the directors of Skilled 4 Life we have extensive experience in the areas of education and administration and are totally committed to sharing our knowledge and skills. We truly want to empower people who find managing the administrative aspects of their lives challenging and sometimes even overwhelming.

Our Services

Our Modules

At Skilled 4 Life we have a range of modules created to assist people with practical life skills and improving organisation

Organisational Workshops

Assistance with getting your personal and professional life organised so you are prepared for the future.

Business Consultation

Helping your business perform better, improve sales and organising the office.


Assistance in writing and formatting a resume to get the best chance of employment success

Customised Modules

We can create modules for clients and will happily design a program that works specifically for you.


"Can't recommend these ladies enough!! What a great program for teaching youth skills and knowledge that they are lacking these days... very informative... I haven't seen our kids interact this much in a long time..."